Publication principles

The journal "Construction Economics and Management" publishes scientific articles on priority areas of the economy of Azerbaijan and foreign countries, on the results obtained, theoretical and practical problems of the economy.

The procedure for submitting a manuscript to the editor

Manuscripts previously published or sent to another periodical for publication are not allowed to be submitted to the journal. The original manuscript with an ideal edition must be sent electronically to (ALEKPEROVA.LALA@MAIL.RU) or handed over to the editor(s) himself (Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Yasamal district, st. Aina Sultanova 11, Baku, Azerbaijan). The manuscript must be signed by the author(s) and dated.

Article format: Articles should be written in A4 format, size 12, line spacing 1, Times New Roman font, indent 2 cm at the bottom, top and sides of the page.

The volume of the article should be 5-15 pages.

Author: On the right, before the title of the article, you must indicate the last name, first name, patronymic of the author /for example: A.M. Veliyev /, place of work, academic degree, ORCID ID, personal e-mail address and phone number. The author who is continuing his studies must indicate that he is a bachelor, master and doctoral student in his personal data in accordance with the level of education.

Abstract: A abstract of 7-8 sentences should be written at the beginning of the article in Azerbaijani and at the end in English. At the beginning of a resume written in English, the name, surname, patronymic of the author must be indicated in English.

Key words: at least 5 words in Azerbaijani and English.




References: References should be written in the APA style.

References: Links to scientific sources related to the topic of the article should be given.

Tables and figures should not repeat each other, indicators should be given in the International System of Units (SI). If the manuscript contains a table and a figure, then they should be numbered accordingly and the word "Table" or "Figure" should be written.

Journal language: Azerbaijani, Turkish, English and Russian.


Articles submitted to the editorial office are checked for plagiarism using If plagiarism is not detected (uniqueness level 75%), the article is sent for covert review. Articles recognized as plagiarism are not published and are returned to the author. In case of refusal to publish the submitted article, the editors of the journal send the author a reasoned response in writing.

Peer review

Articles sent to the editors are first evaluated by the editors in terms of the principles of publishing the journal. Articles that do not comply with the publication rules may be sent to the author for correction or may be rejected for review.

Manuscripts submitted to the editors are subject to confidential review by anonymous reviewers, after which a decision is made as to whether they will be published. The term of consideration and approval is 1 month. Manuscripts are published on a regular basis based on the results of a peer review process.

Articles submitted to the journal must not be published or sent for publication to another publisher.


Articles published in the journal are protected by copyright and all rights to publish these articles belong to Construction Economics and Management.

The magazine is published 4 times a year. After printing, copies of the journal are sent to the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan, libraries, international index organizations and authors of articles.